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Control Panels

TK LLCs’ control boxes are manufactured per our clients’ specifications. Our enclosures utilize IEC industrial-grade parts, readily available from stock at your local electrical distributor.

  • • DIN rail mounting of circuit breakers, contactors and relays allows easy replacement and expandability; DIN-mounted sectional terminal blocks utilize captive screws and accept either bare wires or ring tongue terminals.
  • • Well-organized wiring layout includes wire ducts and offers ample space for accessibility.
  • • White painted cabinet interior and globe lights provide excellent illumination of all wiring and component areas.
  • • GFCI-protected convenience outlet included as a standard feature.
  • • PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) cabinet heater provides automatic uniform temperature regulation and condensation protection with or without use of a thermostat.
  • • Door(s) swings open to a maximum of 120 degrees and retains the open position. during servicing using an automatic or manual lock.
  • • Exterior surfaces primed and powder coated.
  • • Stainless steel for corrosion-resistance is available.
  • • Crowned roof prevents water accumulation, and a drip shield protects door hardware.
  • • Standard enclosure meets UL508a weatherproof rating
  • • Sun shade plate provide protect control panel from wind and physical damage and block the sunlight.
  • • Pocket on inside of door makes you easy and safety to store some documents for panel.
  • • Options: Ventilation, Inspection windows, Insulation panels, Custom size and shapes.